• Graecalis evo

    From £770.00
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    Graecalis 3 metre scale glider is made in Italy by Voloinpendio.It has beautiful elegant and stunning lines, and is perfect for aerobatics and slope soaring while the wing profile makes it easy to fly. The wings have a swept back look which looks stunning in the air. The wings on the STD version are fibreglass with carbon strengthening, D-Box section, and the wings on the Performance version are full carbon, they have large ailerons and flaps for great control especially during aerobatics. The wing joiner is a 14mm round stainless steel bar. The fuselage is fibreglass reinforced with kevlar, the tailplane is fibreglass and carbon reinforced and rudder is fibreglass. The cockpit base is fibreglass and the canopy is transparent PVC. It is available is 6 different colour options.The glider is available as ready to fly(RTF) or almost ready to fly(ARTF)
    OD                   white £770,    2 colours £870
    OD xtralight  white £886,    2 colours £1001
    FS                    white £870,    2 colours £970
    FS xtralight   white £1001,  2 colours £1116
    PD xtralight   white £1190
    These prices do not include shipping from the EU
    xtralight- 15% lighter same strength
    This model comes with a basic accessory kit which includes the wing joining bar & servo covers
    Also available
    carbon look £150
    deluxe fuselage £150(no fuselage joining line)
    special paint scheme £100
    Accessory kit £60 includes servo tray, fuselage rib, rudder post, control horns, wing servo mounts
    A carbon canopy is also available
    carbon wing joining rod £40
    fuselage & wing bags £90 & £120
    The RTF cost is an extra £600, this does not include the cost of the servos or receiver.


    Wing span 2.9 m
    Wing profile BEX1809
    Wing area 56.8dm2
    Wing loading 86.3g/dm
    Fuselage length 1.6 m
    Empty weight from

    4.4 kg(OD)

    5.0 kg(FS)

    Flying weight from

    5.2 kg

    Centre of Gravity 129mm from wing leading edge.