• X-Model Colour Options

            Standard models:-
            Yellow / Red
            Yellow / Blue
            White / Blue
            White/ red
            White / Black
            Red / Black

            Green / Black
            Texalio models:-
            silver / blue
            silver / red
            silver / black
            silver / yellow

            Performance models:-
            White / Carbon
            Yellow / Carbon

            Green / carbon
            Red / Carbon
            Fluorescent Orange / Carbon

            All X-Models now have striped colours on the under wing and tail.

            If you would like special colours just ask

          • X-Model lay up options:-

            STD:- Gliders built of hollow moulded fibre glass with carbon spars and carbon reinforcements in the wings and fuselage. These gliders are the lighter version but are still strong enough to take heavy landings

            Texalio:- These are built of hollow moulded fibre glass impregnated with a silver paint to give a bright silver finish. A second colour is added to parts of the fuselage and wing tips and under the wings. These are very slightly heavier than the STD gliders

            Performance:- These gliders are made using carbon fibre cloth and so are very strong. These are also slightly heavier than the other 2 options.

            If you would like special layup just ask


            Spare parts are available for all of our models

          • X-Bhyon 3.2 its the latest glider from X-Models

            This pink & white version is now in stock



            South Coast Sailplanes recommends Deluxe Materials for glues and finishing products..