• Glider_it Colour Options

            Standard models:-
            Yellow / Red
            Yellow / Blue
            White / Blue
            White/ red
            White / Black
            Red / Black

            Green / Black
            Texalio models:-
            silver / blue
            silver / red
            silver / black
            silver / yellow

            Performance models:-
            White / Carbon
            Yellow / Carbon

            Green / carbon
            Red / Carbon
            Fluorescent Orange / Carbon

            If you would like special colours just ask

          • Glider_it lay up options:-

            OD:- overall dynamics, stronger than the old STDGliders built of hollow moulded fibre glass with carbon spars and carbon/Kevlar reinforcements in the wings and fuselage. Herex 1.2mm. 

            FS:- Fast slope, stronger than the old HS The wings have one complete layer of carbon and a stronger spar. The fuselage has one more layer of Kevlar. Herex is 1.2mm. 

            PD:- power dynamics. very strong models for top conditions.The wings have 2 complete layers of carbon and an even stronger spar. The fuselage has a heavier Kevlar layer. Herex is 1.4mm.

            Texalio:- These are built of hollow moulded fibre glass impregnated with a silver paint to give a bright silver finish. The gliders have carbon/Kevlar reinforcements. A second colour is added to parts of the fuselage and wing tips and under the wings. These are very slightly heavier than the STD gliders

            Performance:- These gliders are made using carbon fibre cloth and so are very strong. These are also slightly heavier than the other 2 options.

            If you would like special layup just ask


            Spare parts are available for all of our models

          • Bhyon 3.2 OD, in stock now

            Swift 3.2 FS in stock now


            Swift 2.5 FS scale white & black, clear canopy. In stock


            Swift 2.5 FS sport yellow & blue , carbon canopy. In stock