• Vettore

    From £1,200.00
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    The latest model from Voloinpendio in Italy, Vettore, a name from the mountain
    It  is a friendly T Tail glider for thermal and aerobatic flight and is ideal for the slope.
    Made by Voloinpendio staff and in co-operation with their friend Giuseppe Ghisleri.
    It has a carbon wing joiner 40x16 

    The model is available in:-

    OD Light white £1250, 2 colours £1400

    OD white £1130, 2 colours £1275

    FS white £1220 2 colours £1370


    Wingspan 4 metre

    Fuselage length 193cm

    Weight from 5kg

    Wingloading 58gm/dm2

    CofG 65mm