• Ventus 2c

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    This Scale 4.5 metre Ventus 2c has a fully moulded fuselage, wings and tail. The wings are reinforced with carbon for strength.and the fuselage is reinforced with Kevlar and is 2.4Ghz friendly.

    The wing profile is a special modified Eppler version to offer good performances in very broad speed ranges and conditions.

    The 2 piece wings have ready made holes for the 4 ailerons (2 inner & 2 outer) 2 flaps and 2 pop up brakes.

    The other controls are the rudder and elevator, optional controls are tow release and retractable undercarriage.

    The servos used can be the Hi-Tec HS 125 for the ailerons and flaps, the pop up brakes can be made electric and so do not need servos.

    We installed a Hi-Tec 5085 in the rudder ( the hole needs to be made) for the elevator and used a JR591 in the front of the fuselage for the closed loop rudder.

    The Performance version has a 2.4 friendly fuselage

    Ventus OD white £900 2 colours £1010

    Ventus FS white £1050, 2 colours £ 1173

    This model comes with a basic accessory pack,

    An extensive accessory pack and decals are available, also the canopy can come completed.


    Span 4500 mm

    3600g (empty)

    5500g (flying)

    Profile Eppler mod
    Controls R/E/A/F & pop up brakes
    Lay up Fibre glass & carbon

    Wing area: 64dmq

    Fuselage length:1.65m

    Flying settings

    Centre of gravity is 80 to 86mm from wing leading edge at the wing root.
    The wing incidence should be 0.5 to 1 degree.