• Sword 2.5

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    Using the same wing as the Blade XL with a re-designed fuselage, cruciform tail and all moving elevator. The X-Models Sword is a very capable plane, it is able to offer very good performances in most flying conditions. The fuselage is able to take ballast tubes

    This model is easily adapted for conversion to electric. The fuselage is big enough to accommodate a brushless motor and a large battery. The recommended motors are Cyclon 18 geared or the Hacker B50 9L geared 6.7:1. The motors needed must be at least 300W and a diameter of no more than 40mm.

    Sword 2.5 STD £627

    Sword 2.5 Texalio £660

    Sword 2.5 Performance £743


    Basic accessory pack included

    Components included in the kit:-

    1 x steel wing joiner(175x10mm), 1 x carbon tube for elevator control, 6 x m2 clevises, 2 x m3 threaded metal pushrods, 2 x m3 clevises, 2 x MPX female connectors, 2 x MPX male connectors, 4 x m2 theaded metal pushrods, 4 x m3 threaded bush, 4 x m3 threaded horn, 1 x metal elevator hinge pin(115x4mm), 1 x metal control rod for elevator(110x2.5mm), 1 x elevator bell crank, 1 x bush for bellcrank, 2 x spacers for bellcrank, 2 x servo covers



    Wing span 2.5metres
    wing area 46dmq
    Wing profile RG15 mod. (7%)
    Fuselage length 1.55m
    Empty weight 1.9kg
    Flying weight from 2.4kg
    Controls A/F/R/E


    Build instructions

    The build instructions are not up to date, especially the accessory listings.