• Sword 1.9 DS

    From £350.00
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    This model is the cross tail version of the Blade 1.9, it has a 1 piece RG15 mod. wing with ailerons & flaps which are come ready hinged. The fuselage is slim with a canopy which is already attached.

    The glider has a 1 piece all moving stabiliser which is already hinged and a vertical fin with a rudder.

    Sword 1.9 DS STD £360

    Sword 1.9 DS Texalio £380

    Sword 1.9 DS Performance £480




    A basic accessory pack is included.

    span            190cm
    length          127cm
    weight          1.9kg(flying)
    profile           RG15 mod 7%
    wing area      32dmq
    controls         A/F/R/E
    layup            fibre glass & carbon


    Build instructions