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    Tired of Fox’s and Swift’s, try the new semi scale Stingray. This model is the ultimate aerobatic machine crated for all those who like speed and a scale look. it is built with the best quality carbon, kevlar and fibreglass to get the best structure for holding in flight extreme loads. Flight properties are really awesome and extremely precise in aerobatic manouvres,  it also has great energy retention.


    Available in three versions , Overall Dynamics(OD), Fast Slope(FS) and the Power Dynamics(PD) the OD version is glass fibre and uses carbon in the wings and Kevlar for strength in the fuselage, Herex is 1.2mm The FS has one complete layer of carbon in the wings , a stronger spar and more Kevlar in the fuselage, Herex is 1.2mm. The PD has two complete layers of carbon in the wings, and an even stronger spar. the fuselage has a heavier layer of Kevlar and Herex is 1.4mm.

    The speed of the Stingray is just as unbelievable as the precision with which the model can do aerobatics in the sky.
    Owing to large curving flaps and ailerons the Stingray can fly amazingly slowly using the Butterfly setup, this also enables it to be landed with great precision.Want to fly it in lighter wind conditions, simply fit the Prismaray wings on to the same fuselage
    As a result of the large surface wing area and profile, standard servos can be used.
    The servo for the all moving stabiliser is mounted the servo in the back in the fuselage.
    The rudder is linked by a closed loop and so the servo sits in the front in the fuselage.

    Stingray OD white £850, 2 colours £960

    Stingray FS  white £954 ,2 colours £1061

    Stingray PD white £1040, 2 colours £1170

    The kit consists of:

     High gloss fuselage in the basic colour
    16mm special steel rounded bar as wing joiner
    GRP canopy framework in basic colour and Transparent cover
    GRP rudder in basic colour
    GRP/CCFK flying stabilizer with 6 mm and 3 mm steel rods as links.
    Brass bush with bearings for stabiliser

    Also available for this model is an extensive accessory and decals 

    Wing Span 2.9metres
    Wing area 66dmq(not including elevator)
    Wing profile S6061 modified 9% thickness & 1.75% camber
    Fuselage length 1.75m
    Weight empty 3.5kg OD, 4.5kg FS, 4.5kg PD
    Flying weight from 5.6kg OD, 6.6kg FS, 7.6kg PD
    Controls A/F/R/E

    CofG: 105-110mm

    Suggested set up

    Butterfly: +/- 10mm, +/- 20mm( exponential 40-50%)

    Ailerons: 15mm up, 6mm down

    Elevator: +/- 10% to +/- 20m

    Rudder: +/- 40 to +/- 45mm

    Launching: flaps 3mm down 

    Speed setting: ailerons & flaps 2mm up

    Thermal setting: ailerons 2mm up, flaps 6mm down, rudder +/- 32mm


    Wing incidence: +0.5/1%(1% is the suggested setup for the maiden flight)

    Standard Servos with metal gears of a high torque are suggested for the ailerons & flaps. 

    Aileron/flaps: such as KST 125MG or Savox SG-0211MG.

    Standard servos with metal gears and of a torque of about 13Kg are suggested for the elevator & rudder

    Elevator: Align D610

    Rudder: spectrum A6000