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  • Stingray

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    Tired of Fox’s and Swift’s, try the new semi scale Stingray.

    Available in two versions , standard(STD) and heavy slope(HS). the STD version is glass fibre and uses carbon and kevlar for strength. The HS is carbon, and despite the weight it can be thermalled and gains height very easily. The HS version was produced because many modellers fly with the model ballasted all the time no matter what the conditions are.

    The speed of the Stingray is just as unbelievable as the precision with which the model can do aerobatics in the sky.

    Owing to large curving flaps and ailerons the Stingray can fly amazingly slowly using the Butterfly setup, this also enables it to be landed with great precision.

    Want to fly it in lighter wind conditions, simply fit the Prismaray wings on to the same fuselage
    As a result of the large surface wing area and profile, standard servos can be used.
    The servo for the all moving stabiliser is mounted the servo in the back in the fuselage.
    The rudder is linked by a closed loop and so the servo sits in the front in the fuselage.

    The kit consists of:

    Carbon strengthened GRP high gloss fuselage in the basic colour
    16mm round steel bar as wing joiner
    GRP canopy framework in basic colour and Transparent cover
    GRP rudder in basic colour
    GRP/CCFK flying stabilizer with 6 mm and 3 mm steel rods as links.
    Brass bush with bearings for stabiliser


    Build help

    standard servos of at least 13kg/cm torqueare suggested for the ailerons & flaps.

    standard servos of at least 10kg/cm torque are suggested for the elevator & rudder

    Span 2900 mm
    Length 1750 mm
    Weight 3.5kg STD, 4.5 kg HS (empty)
      5.6kg STD, 6.6 kg HS (flying)
    Profile S6061 mod 9% thickness & 1.75% camber
    Controls R/E/A/F
    Lay up STD: glass fibre with carbon and kevlar reinforcing.
    HS: carbon/kevlar.

    wing area: 66dmq

    CofG: 105-108mm