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  • Prismaray

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    X- Models are proud to present the new Prismaray. The ultimate all round glider for those who like unrivalled aerobatics coupled with a scale glider look.

    An all round model made with the best quality carbon, Kevlar and fibreglass. Flight properties are really awesome, extremely precise aerobatic manoeuvres, very fast but very stable and with great energy retention.

    This 3.7 metre glider has a 2 piece wing with ailerons and flaps. The wing profile is HD50 modified 8.8%, the area is 85dmq. The wings are joined onto the fuselage by a 16mm special steel bar. The fuselage length is 1.75 metre and has an all floating elevator and a large rudder, The flying weight starts from 6kg for the standard glider and 7.5kg for the HS glider.

    The kit consists of:

    Carbon strengthened GRP high gloss fuselage in the basic colour
    16mm round steel bar as wing joiner
    GRP canopy framework in basic colour and Transparent cover
    GRP rudder in basic colour
    GRP/CCFK flying stabilizer with 6 mm and 3 mm steel rods as links.
    Brass bush with bearings for stabiliser


    Build help

    standard servos of at least 13kg/cm torqueare suggested for the ailerons & flaps.

    standard servos of at least 10kg/cm torque are suggested for the elevator & rudder

    Wing Span 3.72m
    Length 1.75m
    Wing Area 85dmq
    Wing Profile HD-50 mod 8.8%
    Controls R/E/A/F
    Flying Weight 6kg Standard
    7.5kg HS

    CofG:110mm from leading edge of wing root.