X-Models Ventus 2c Scale Model Glider

This Scale 4.5 metre Ventus 2c has a fully moulded fuselage, wings and tail. All the parts are reinforced with carbon for strength.

The wing profile is a special modified Eppler version to offer good performances in very broad speed ranges and conditions.

The 2 piece wings have readymade holes for the 4 ailerons (2 inner & 2 outer) 2 flaps and 2 pop up brakes.

The other controls are the rudder and elevator, optional controls are tow release and retractable undercarriage.

The servos used can be the Hi-Tec HS 125 for the ailerons and flaps, the pop up brakes can be made electric and so do not need servos.

We installed a Hi-Tec 5085 in the rudder ( the hole needs to be made) for the elevator and used a JR591 in the front of the fuselage for the closed loop rudder.

Flying settings

Centre of gravity is 80 to 86mm from wing leading edge at the wing root.
The wing incidence should be 0.5 to 1 degree.

Movements. These are only the starting values
Ailerons:-  8-10 mm up 4-5 mm down. As flapperons -2 to +2. As butterfly 20mm up.
Flaps:-  -3 to +3mm
Elevator:- +/- 5 to 8mm
Rudder:- +/- as much as possible.

Ventus 2c Pictures

X-Models Ventus 2c 4.5m Glider X-Models Ventus 2c 4.5m Glider X-Models Ventus 2c 4.5m Glider X-Models Ventus 2c 4.5m Glider
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Span 4500 mm
Weight 6000 g (flying)
Profile Eppler mod
Controls R/E/A/F & pop up brakes
Lay up Glass with carbon spar in wing
Price £850
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Basic accessory pack included