Coquillaj DLG Luxe

This small stunt-flying sailplanes is designed to fly from none to moderate wind, with the slope as with the flat field (hand launch, SAL or with a catapult). It is ready for launch as soon as the opportunity arises.

Very light, general-purpose, providing an almost symmetrical profile with 6%, it will enable you to fly the plane how you desire and to carry out aerobatics in low wind conditions where other models have difficulty remaining in the air.
Version luxe: The Coquillaj is delivered as a finished version. The ailerons, elevators of the stabilizer and rudder are fully functional. All the accessories that are necessary to assemble the plane are included.

The basic colours of The Coquillaj, can be yellow or white, the secondary colour can be chosen from the colours of the Aeromod range: orange, pink, red, purple(milka), dark purple, light blue, dark blue, green. Ideas colours are: white/red - white/pink - white/milka - white-orange yellow/dark blue – purple(milka)/dark purple – green/white. Other colours purple/purple, light green/dark green and light blue/dark blue, are also available.

Check out these clips of the Coquilla in action-

Clip 1

Clip 2

Absolute Pictures

Coquillaj DLG Luxe Stunt-flying Glider Coquillaj DLG Luxe Stunt-flying Glider
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Span 1260 mm
Weight 360 g
Controls A/E/R
Lay up  
Price £240.00 (Luxe)
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