X-Models Bladeer 1.5 Metre RC Glider

This model has a elongated nose (check out the photo) to enable a smaller amount of weight to be placed in the model for ease of balancing. The Bladeer is otherwise the same as the Mini Blade with the non flapped version of the 2 piece wing. (Please note the DS version has a 1 piece wing with flaps.)

Reinforced with carbon, and removable 2 piece tail which just slots on pre fitted tubes. It can pack up very small!

The wing is made of glassfibre and balsa with a carbon spar construction and is very strong.

The fuselage has a removable nose cone and a ballast tube underneath which takes 9/16" diameter slug weights and can take 12 oz of ballast.

We fit HS125 mg servos in the wing and HS 81 servo's in the fuselage. We recommend the 4 cell AAA 800mAh battery in the nose.

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X-Models Bladeer

X-Models Bladeer 1.5 Metre RC Glider X-Models Bladeer 1.5 Metre RC Glider

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Span 1500 mm
Weight 700 g
Profile RG15 mod
Controls R/E/A
Lay up Glass, carbon spar in wing
Price 240.00 Standard
260.00 DS
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Building Instructions/Operating Manual
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Basic accessory pack included