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  • Blade 2

    From £350.00
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    The Blade 2 is designed to be either slope soarer or electric. It has a 2 piece wing for easier transportation and a 1 piece V tail.The accessory pack includes a motor mount to convert the model into electric.

    The fuselage has a removable canopy and is large enough to take a decent size outrunner motor and 3S to 4S liPo pack.

    My own Blade 2 has a Hacker B40-6-L 4.4/1 geared motor with a 70 amp ESC.
    The battery is a 3S liPo, 2300Mah, 25c, and a 12/8 folding cam prop.
    The all up weight is 1900 grams. The motor pulls 65amps on full power.
    It just needs a 10 sec blast on full throttle to give it a vertical ascent to become a small dot in the sky.

    An Alternative set up is:

    1 x folding cam PROP 12.5/6.5
    1 x GRP motor mount, D = 42mm for AXI2820
    1 x AXI 2826/10
    1 x 42mm spinner with cooling hole
    1 x center piece of 45mm, 5mm hole to HE Spinner
    A pulsed x Jeti Spin 55 BL controller with BEC

    The model is a delight to fly and handles very well with no bad vices. It can handle slow turns easily without dropping a wing.

    The energy retention needs to be seen to be believed as it glides around the sky!


    Building instructions for the Blade


    Basic accessory pack included

    Span 2000 mm
    Length 1270 mm
    Weight 1100 g (empty)
    1450 g (flying, from)
    Wing Area 33 Dmq
    Profile RG15 mod
    Controls R/E/A/F/motor
    Lay up Glass, carbon spar in wing