• Blade 1.9 DS

    From £435.00
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    This is the dynamic soaring version of the 1.9 glider. this specially suited for the lover of fast flying models, its rock solid one piece wing with the specially modified RG15 profile will permit you to fly in all weather conditions thanks to a specially constructed D-box and one-piece wing designed by the X-Models development team.

    This model has a sheath type nose cone with easy access to the preformed servo tray in the inner sleeve. The one piece V tail is held on to the fuselage using an hexagonal bolt

     Also available is the silver or “Texalio” and the performance version. All models come with a

    15x150mm ballast tube fitted in the fuselage, which can take up to 300gms of ballast.

    Blade 1.9 DS STD £435

    Blade 1.9 DS Texalio £451

    Blade 1.9 DS Performance £572


    Basic accessory pack included

    Span 1.9m
    Length 1.07m
    Empty Weight 1Kg
    Flying Weight 1.4Kg
    Wing Surface 32 dmq
    Controls A/F/R/E
    Aerofoil RG15 modified


    Build instructions