• X-Bhyon

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    The Bhyon glider is another new scale like glider designed in Italy for sale with X-Models.
    The designer wanted a glider aerobatic and had a high performance in lighter wind conditions.
    So this model has a modern thin wing profile that takes advantage of the variation of camber.
    It has a wide wing root of 35 cm, 9% camber.
    The design of the nose means it can take an electric motor.

    It is available in versions as listed below

    OD                           white £891,     2 colours £1000
    OD xtralight,         white £1024,   2 colours £1150
    FS                            white £980,     2 colours £1100
    FS xtralight,          white £1127,   2 colours £1265
    PD                           white £1100,   2 colours £1250
    PD xtralight,          white £1366,  2 colours £1553

    xtralight- 15% less weight, same strength

    included with the model is the wing joiner and servo covers

    Also available

    carbon wing joiner £70
    accessory pack £60 includes servo tray, ribs, wing servo mounts, control horns
    fuselage & wing bags £95 & £130
    Wingspan: 3.2 metre
    Fuselage length: 1.58 metre
    Wing area:77dm2
    Wing loading: from 70gm/dm2
    OD: empty weight 3.8 kg, flying weight 7 kg
    FS: empty weight 4.2 kg, flying weight 7.5kg
    Wing servos installed are Savox SG-0211
    The tail servos are SA-1256TG
    Set up
    CofG 120mm (measured at the wing root from the leading edge)
    Aileron: 2.5 cm up, 2 cm down(measured from next to flap)
    Elevator: +/- 1.4cm (measured from outer part)
    camber changing thermal
      Flaps down 3-4 mm, Ailerons down 2 mm
      Flaps down 4.5 cm( measured from wing root)
      Ailerons up 1.5 cm (measured near the wing tip)
      Elevator 1.4 cm down
    Ailerons 60%
    Elevator 50%
    Rudder 70%