• ASW 15

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    The new ASW15 is a modern high performance 1/4 semi scale glider.

    Thanks to its aerofoil developed directly by Glider it, starting from a Norbert Habe profile(thickness from 11.2% to 10.6% and camber from 2 to 1.2 degrees).it is perfectly suited for a wide range of uses and allows a good variation of speed.Circling in a weak thermal is easy due to its low drag and excellent conversion between altitude and speed .also it handles aerobatics and high speed flight effortlessly. Flaps and ailerons are hinged on the lower surface ensuring comfortable landings using butterfly configeration. The wing joiner is all carbon, 35x18mm. 


    ASW OD white £1130, 2 colours £1275
    ASW OD xtralight  white £1300, 2 colours £1466
    ASW FS white £1220, 2 colours £1370
    ASW FS xtralight  white £1403, 2 colours £1576
    These prices do not include shipping from the EU
    xtralight version 15% less weight, same strength

    Also available

    carbon look £150
    deluxe fuselage £150 (no fuselage joining line)
    special paint scheme £100
    accessory kit £60, includes servo tray, fuselage rib, rudder post, control horns, servo mounts
    fuselage & wing bags



    wingspan 3.75 metres
    wing area 90 dm2
    fuselage length 1.78 m
    weight OD RTF 5.5 kg
    Weight OD extralight RTF 5 kg
    wing loading OD extralight 55 dm/gm2
    wing aerofoil  HN mod, (thickness & camber)







    suggested servos

    Ailerons & flaps: KST X10
    Elevator & rudder: KST BLS651
    CofG 95mm from leading edge of wing