• X-Calibur Electric

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    The X-Calibur glider converts to an exellent easy to manage electric glider. It offer an exceptional perfomance and speed. This model has huge control surfaceswhich can provide a great aerobatic control. Install a hot brushless motor, using 4s lipol battery and the model copes very well with a steep and fast climb rate. With a more economical setup using 3 or 4 cells lipol and the model is like a gentle giant, its flies extremely well at a leisurely pace.

    The motor needs to be at least 350 to 400 watts.

    Suggested setup:

        Motor: Hacker B50 10S,with a 6.7:1 gearbox ESC X-70-SB Pro, 3s Lipol battery


        Motor: Axi 2820/8 + PG4/33(4:3 gearbox), ESC Jeti spin 55, 4s battery, folding prop 16"x10"

    X-Calibur Electric STD £715

    X-Calibur Electric Texalio £743

    X-Calibur Electric Performance £858

    Wingspan: 3.2metres

    Fuselage length: 1.51metres

    Wing area: 59dmq

    Wing profile: RG15 mod.

    Empty weight: 2.5kg

    Flying weight from: 4kg

    Controls: ailerons. flaps, rudder, elevator & motor.