• X-Calibur

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    This is a scale looking glider but with high efficiency. It also has large ailerons and flaps to enable you to perform all the aerobatics you like and to take advantage of the changing the wing camber for thermal, speed and cruise.

    The RG 15 modified wing offers the best performance in a wide range of conditions, and the large ailerons and flaps will let you perform all the aerobatics you like and take advantage of changing the wing camber. It has 2 piece wing and an all moving elevator.

    X-Calibur STD £715

    X-Calibur Texalio £743

    X-Calibur performance £950



    Basic accessory pack included

    Parts included:-

    1 x steel wing joiner(250x10mm), 1 x carbon tube for elevator, 1 x steel rod elevator hinge(115x4mm), 1 x elevator bellcrank brass bush centre piece, 2 x elevator bellcrank carbon spacers,1 x steel elevator control rod(110x2.5mm), 1 x elevator bell crank, 2 x bell crank reinforcements, 2 x m3 clevises, 6 x m2 clevises, 4 x m3 threaded bush, 4 x m3 threaded screw, 4 x m2 threaded steel pushrods, 2 x MPX female connectors, 2 x MPX male connectors, 2 x servo covers.

    Wing Span 3.2metres
    Wing profile RG15 mod. 7.8%
    wing area: 56dmq
    fuselage length 1.51m
    Empty weight 2.5kg
    Flying weight from 3.4kg
    controls A/F/R/E


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