• Walhalla

    From £1,260.00
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    This model was born from the collaboration between Glider-it and Leomotion in Germany.
    The Walhalla is the ultimate sport and fun device for both the slope and the flat.
    In both extreme and weak weather conditions it tears through the air due to its optimal aerodynamic design.
    The Walhalla can seek out and find the lightest of thermals and can turn in a very agile and tight circle.
    The fuselage is designed big enough to be able to take an electric motor and up to a6 cell LiPol battery, so it can be easily transformed in to a hot liner with a very impressive climb rate. 
    The performance in speed as well as long distance flights is impressive.
    Available as:
    OD xtralight white £1260, 2 colours £1350
    FS xtralight white £1360, 2 colours £1450
    These prices do not include shipping from the EU
    Optional extras:
    Accessory kit £60
    Carbon Look £150
    Deluxe fuselage £150
    Special Paint scheme £100
    Work finished RTF £600



    Wingspan 3150mm
    Fuselage length 1670mm
    Empty weight from  2450gm
    Flying weight from 3200gm


    Cof G 90mm from leading edge wing