• Voltij

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     The deluxe version of this model has the ailerons already attached and the tail finished.it also comes with an accessory pack.The model is very strong as it is has high density foam core wings layered with fibre glass.

    The Voltij is a revolutionary moulded glider intended for aerobatic soaring. It has a symmetrical profile designed to use four-axis control. This means it is as responsive inverted as upright. The controls easily permit rapid gain of altitude to facilitate aerobatic flying. When building, great care must be taken in assembling the controls since there must be no play to affect the precision needed for aerobatic flying

    The glider is available in a wide choice of colours and so is built to order.

    Voltij Luxe £510

    Options available

    carbon £50

    quadro flaps £10

    Nemo colours £30

    2.4Ghz  friendly fuselage £0


    Technical specifications

    Span                 2020 mm
    Cords                250, 110 mm
    Surface             36 dm2
    Profile               MG 05 to 9%
    Length              1250 mm
    Empty Weight   1600 g
    Wing loading     44.5g/dm2
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