• Sword 3.1

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    This model has high effeciency and high performance. Using the same wing as the Blade XXL and with a re-designed fuselage, cruciform tail and all moving elevator.  The Sword is a very capable plane, the large cross tail is big enough to offer a positive control during aerobatics and slow speed.

    It is easily adapted for conversion to electric. The fuselage is big enough to accommodate a brushless motor and the flight pack by leaving out the 2 ballast tubes in the fuselage. The recommended motors are Cyclon 18 geared or the Hacker B50 9L geared 6.7:1. The motors needed must be at least 300W and a diameter of no more than 40mm.

    Sword 3.1 STD £715

    Sword 3.1 Texalio £735

    Sword 3.1 Performance £950


    Basic accessory pack included

    Components included in the kit:-

    1 x steel wing joiner(235x10mm), 1 x carbon tube for elevator control, 6 x m2 clevises, 2 x m3 threaded metal pushrods, 2 x m3 clevises, 2 x MPX female connectors, 2 x MPX male connectors, 4 x m2 theaded metal pushrods, 4 x m3 threaded bush, 4 x m3 threaded horn, 1 x metal elevator hinge pin(115x4mm), 1 x metal control rod for elevator(110x2.5mm), 1 x elevator bell crank, 1 x bush for bellcrank, 2 x spacers for bellcrank, 2 x servo covers

    Wingspan: 3.15metres
    Wing profile RG15 mod.(7%)
    Wing area 59dmq
    Fuselage length 1.55m
    Empty weight from 2.1kg
    Flying weight from 2.6kg
    Controls A/F/R/E


    Build instructions

    The build instructions are not up to date, especially the accessory listings.