• Sword 2

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    This model has the option of glider or electric and has a 2 piece wing for easier storage and carriage, and a large fuselage with a canopy type hatch. This fuselage offers plenty of room for servos, receivers and batteries and the chance to install a motor and a good sized battery pack if required. 

    The 2 piece hollow moulded wings are made with glass fibre with a carbon spar and reinforcements. The fuselage is made with glass fibre also with carbon. The fuselage has a cruciform tail with rudder and an all moving stabiliser. The model needs 6 servos, 4 for the wings and 2 for the tail.

    Sword 2 E STD £440

    Sword 2 E Texalio £460

    Sword 2 E Performance £600


    Basic accessory pack included

    Wing span 1.9metres
    Wing area 32dmq
    Wing profile RG15 mod.
    Fuselage length 1.4m
    Empty weight 1.1kg
    Controls A/F/R/E



    Building instructions