• Swift 2.5

    From £1,085.00
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    Swift is an aerobatic semi scale glider, it is semi scale due to the fact it does not have brakes (the wings are too thin).It is very strong and very manoeuvrable.
    The glider is made from high quality white epoxy glass fibre, hollow moulded, strengthened with carbon & Kevlar.
    The ailerons, flaps & stabiliser are all prehinged.The wing joiner is a round steel rod
    The wing span is 2.5 metres in two parts, each wing and has ailerons and flaps. The fuselage is available with either a clear or a carbon canopy.
    4 servos are needed for the wings,  with the ailerons and flaps a 10mm thick servo is needed, whilst 2 standard servos may be fitted in the fuselage.
    Swift Sport - This version has a black canopy, for those who cant be bothered with the cockpit details
    OD white £1085,                2 colours £1140
    OD xtralight white £1155, 2 colours £1230
    FS  white £1125,                2 colours £1200
    FS xtralight white £1220, 2 colours £1300
    Swift Scale - This version has a clear canopy and a cockpit tray to enable the model to be finished with the cockpit details and a pilot.
    OD white £1085,                2 colours £1155
    OD xtralight white £1170, 2 colours £1245
    FS white £1125,                 2 colours £1207
    FS xtralight white £1230, 2 colours £1315
    Xtralight version 15% lighter for the same strength

    extensive accessory pack included.

    Also available:-
    finished RTF £600
    fuselage & wing bags £80 & £99
    carbon wing joiner(reducing weight by 130gm) £40
    Optional finishes are:-
    carbon look £150
    deluxe fuselage £150
    special paint scheme £100


    wing span 2.54metres
    wing profile XSB mod.
    wing area 44dm2
    fuselage length 140cm
    empty weight from 2.4kg
    flying weight from 3.8kg
    wing loading from 63g/dm2


    recommended servo torque is elevator & rudder 6kg, ailerons & flaps 8kg

    suggested servos are KST X10 for the wings and KST 651 for the fuselage


    Some basic settings

    CofG: 80mm from leading edge

    Standard flight: ailerons +9/-6mm at out edge,elevator +/-15mm, rudder +/-50mm

    Butterfly: flaps down as far as possible, ailerons up 15mm, elevator down 1.5mm