• Sundowner

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    X-models are proud to introduce the SUNDOWNER, a model of extreme performance; it has elegant lines throughout and is produced for those who love speed. The model is constructed entirely in a composite of glass fibre and carbon.

    The fuselage constructed to accommodate 400 size motor that is capable 1300/1400 watts of power, with 3 to 4 LiPo cells. The canopy is held in place with an already fixed wire spring and gives easy access to the battery compartment. The positioning of the servo for the elevator is fixed in the fuselage with a small wooden tray and batons and the servo type is the HS65MG. The elevator is operated using a small control wire. The 1 piece tail is held in place within the slot either side of the fuselage which needs to be opened out. The 1 piece wing designed with a modified profile SN 26 and has precut servo wells for the installation of servo’s type HS125MG.

    Hand launch is made easy thanks to the generous dimensions of the fuselage.

    Cost: £308


    Basic accessory pack included

    Span 1000 mm
    Length 750 mm
    Weight 470g (empty)
    1,000g (ready to fly)
    Profile SN 26 mod.
    Controls E/A/M
    Lay up Glass/Carbon
    Price £230.00


    Centre of gravity: 55 - 58 mm from the leading edge of the wing (carried out at the root)
    Motor: 2-3 degrees down, 1-2 degrees right
    Elevator +/- 8 mm (slow speed) - +/- 2 mm (fast speed)
    Aileron +/- 3/5 mm
    It is strongly advised to make the elevator control out of strong steel made in a U shape for both sides


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