• Pushy Cat

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    This model is a tribute  Jim Miller’s Pushy Cat, its one of the few “pushers” to ever win the Reno F1 air races.The model although not scale it looks quite similar.

    If speed is what your after this is the model for you!

    This model is very strong to cope with the exceedingly high speeds it is capable of. The fuselage is made of glass/carbon & Kevlar and has a one piece wing and stabiliser.

    The controls are ailerons/elevator and motor.

    The recommended motor is an Axi 2814/6D with a Jeti Spin 66 speed controller, with a 2200mAh 30C Li-po. For a prop use an APC 6x4E.

    Cost: £308


    Basic accessory pack included(see photo)

    Parts include:-
    1 x motor mount, 3 x wooden frames, 3 x m2 metal push rods, 3 x m2 clevises, 3 x metal bolts, 2 x control horns, 1 x servo cover.


    1000 mm

    Length 680 mm
    Weight 450g empty, 900g flying
    Profile SN26 mod.
    Controls E/A Motor
    Lay up Glass, Carbon and Kevlar

    Wing area 13.6 dmq


    Build instructions


    Build instructions