• Prodij HM

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    Prodij HM is completely dismountable; there is also an option to have the wing in 2 parts, which allows the model to pack away very neatly for transportation. The wing is assembled to the fuselage with a wing joiner, as well as a centering pin. The 2 part wing is profiled off set 75mm of the centre, which allows a traditional fixing using 2 screws to make the wings as one piece. The wing is held in place with Scotch tape. Once screwed on the fuselage the junction is perfectly motionless.

    Prodij HM uses the same manufacturing process as Alliaj HM. The wing and the stab are moulded hollow, the skins are monolithic (i.e. without a centre or core or sandwich) for a solidity equivalent to the old Prodij. Jean Luc succeeded in designing a powerful ultra wing at the same time with very low and very high speed (of 30 A 300 km/h). Prodij HM is available in 3 versions: a rustic version, a version ultra light and a version hardware core. - the rustic version: it has an all-round flight envelope for this 60 inch model: speed, smoothness, handiness, robustness, easy to fly in light winds but also in strong wind, possibility of ballast up to 400g. It weighs approximately 700/750g ready to fly. - Thanks to the use of modern carbons, the ultra light version is as rigid as the rustic version, can carry as much ballast, but is made approximately 200g less. For the enthusiasts for big thrills (dynamic soaring), or for those which a small sailplane able to compete with the F3F in the heavy weather, there is Prodij HM version hardcore, hyper rigid, hyper solid, weighing only 100g more than the rustic version, able to carry 900g ballast.

    Following the first flights of the prototype, the weights were redefined. Prodij HM is particularly pleasant to make fly in a very short time. It is handy, very fast even with a small wing load, in short it is very easy to fly in spite of its small size. Finally the 160g carbon which was to be used in for the version hardware core was replaced by of Texture 80g and the UD 100g high module, which made it possible to obtain a wing of an incredible rigidity which weighs only 30g to 50g more than the rustic version. Prodij HM hardcore is thus one 60 inch able to make DS and not a sailplane of DS able to make of the 60 inches in the strong wind.

    Empty weight: 750g (standard) 550g (ultra light) 950g (hard core)
    Ballast: 250+150g (standard & ultra light) 250+150+8*60=880g (hard core)

    Rustic or standard version £500

    Ultra light version £520

    Hard core version £580

    Optional items are
    Fuselage brass ballast £25
    Wing brass ballast £25
    Wing ballast tank £25
    2 part wing £25

    Span 1552 mm
    Length 886 mm
    Weight 2400g
    (up to 4500g with ballast)
    Profile  secret
    Controls R/E/A/F
    Lay up Glass/Carbon or Full Carbon



    Empty weight: 750g (standard) 550g (ultra light) 950g (hard core)

    Ballast: 250+150g (standard & ultra light) 250+150+8*60=880g (hard core)


    CofG is 68mm from leading edge but for first flight 62 mm

    Ideal servos are MKS DS450

    Torque: 4.8 volts -31kg/cm

    Weight: 9.5gms

    Speed: 4.8volts- 0.12secs (60degrees/no load)

    Gears: metal+ aluminium-magnesium

    Dimensions: 22.5 x 10 x 23.5cm