• Cobra

    From £835.00
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    Cobra delta wing glider, designed by Guiseppe Ghisleri.
    wings fibre glass D box with carbon reinforcing(std) or full carbon D box.
    winglets fibre glass which slot into the tip of the wings
    fuselage fibre glass and canopy carbon
    wing joiner square 15x15 carbon and aluminiun
    The 2 piece wing is joined to the fuselage using 4 screws and has 6 servos
    The fuselage is able to fit an electric motor up to 50mm diameter
    OD white £835, 2 colours £935
    OD xtralight white £960, 2 colours £1075
    FS white £920, 2 colours £1050
    FS xtralight white £1058, 2 colours £1208
    These prices do not include shipping from the EU
    Xtralight 15% less weight, same strength

    Also available

    accessory kit  £40 ( includes control horns, servo tray, servo mounts)
    bags £130
    wing span  330mm
    wing profile SN mod.
    wing area 82dm2
    fuselage length 120mm
    weight  empty from 3kg
    weight RTF from 4.9kg


    CofG 345-350mm

    The 6 servo wing has:-
    outer control surfaces - elevator/aileron
    middle control surfaces - aileron/flap
    inner control surfaces - flap/butterfly