• Bladeer 1.5

    From £341.00
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    This model has a elongated nose (check out the photo) to enable a smaller amount of weight to be placed in the model for ease of balancing. 

    The wing is made of a glass fibre and has a carbon spar construction and is very strong.
    The fuselage has a removable sheath type nose cone with a ballast tube inside the fuselage which takes 9/16" diameter slug weights and can take 12 oz of ballast.

    We fit HS125 mg servos in the wing and HS 81 servo's in the fuselage. We recommend the 4 cell AAA 800mAh battery in the nose.

    STD:  2 piece wing with Ailerons, 2 piece V tail

            STD £330, Texalio £360, Performance £418

    DSX:    1 piece wing with ailerons & flaps, 1 piece V tail

            STD £341, Texalio £361, Performance £418




    Basic accessory pack included

    1 x servo cover( for 2 servos), 1 x wing joiner, 2 x V tail ball links, 4 x clevises, 2 x male & female MPX connectors, 2 x male & female aileron servo horns, 2 x carbon push rods, 6 x metal push rods, 4 x nuts, 2 x screws.

    Wing Span 1.5metres
    Wing profile RG15 mod.
    Wing area 22dmq
    Fuselage length 0.9m
    Empty weight 0.7kg
    Flying weight from 1.0kg
    Controls A/R/E(F on DS & DSX)


    Building Instructions/Operating Manual (Mini Blade)

    To find out the accessories that are supplied with the model  please check the description