• Blade XXL

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    The Super Blade is the biggest brother in the blade family and offers the higest efficiency. This is the best choice when you are looking to have one model for all flying conditions. The STD version of the X-Models Super Blade is made with fibre glass and has carbon toes for strengthening in the fuselage and wings.

    The sheath type nose of the fuselage accepts 2 standard type servos for the V tail controls. Servos such as HS125 or equivalent are best for the ailerons and flaps, the maximum thickness should be 13mm. A large battery such as a 4 cell flat SC pack can also be fitted for long flight times.

    The RG15 modified wing profile offers the best performance in a wide speed range and is very efficient. A 10mm steel wing bar joins the wings on to the fuselage. A ballast tube can be fitted in the fuselage that can take up to 900g of ballast.

    Blade XXL STD £715

    Blade XXL Texalio £745

    Blade XXL Performance £960


    Basic accessory pack included

    Wing Span 3150metres
    Wing Area 59dmq
    Wing profile RG15 mod.
    Fuselage length 1510cm
    Empty weight 2.1kg
    Flying weight from 2.8kg
    Controls A/F/R/E


    Build instructions

    the build instructions are not up to date especially the accessory listings