• Blade XL E

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    This is a real multipurpose glider, the X-Models Blade XL 2.5 metre has an outstanding speed and performance if you require it or is able to slow down in the lightest winds
    Everyone who has flown it has been astounded by ability to fly slow in light winds or scream at high speeds around the sky. This model has the same aerofoil as the Blade 1.9 but is larger and comes in 2 pieces to aid transportation up to the slope. we recommend HS125 mg servo's for the ailerons and flaps.

    The V tail is made of 2 pieces and is detachable, this is made of glass fibre and we recommend 2 x HS85mg fitted in the fuselage for operation.

    The fuselage has a canopy type nose cone and a wide fuselage to allow for accommodating the flight battery. A motor may be fitted by cutting off the front of the fuselage and attaching the motor mount ready for the motor.

    Blade XL E STD £600

    Blade XL E texalio £672

    Blade XL E Performance £743


    Basic accessory pack included

    Parts supplied include:-

    1 x 10mm wing bar, 1 x motor mount, 2 x carbon control tubes, 8 x m2 steel threaded control rods, 6 x m2 steel clevises, 2 x MPX connectors, 4 x m3 brass bushes, 4 x m3 brass screws, 2 x m2 threaded nylon cups, 2 x m2 threaded steel ball links, 2 x m2 9mm steel threaded bolts, 2 x m2 20mm steel threaded bolts, 2 x servo covers.

    Span 2500 mm
    Weight 1.8kg empty, 2.6kg flying
    Profile RG15 mod
    Controls R/E/A/F
    Lay up Glass with Carbon Spar


    Build instructions