• Blade XL

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    This a multipurpose glider that can fly really slow or super fast. The model is built using composite fibre glass, reinforced  with carbon fibre, it has hollow moulded wings with a carbon fibre reinforced wing spar. The V tail is made in 2 pieces which is removable.

    The fuselage is fibre glass reinforced with carbon and has a slide off nose cone which gives access to the servo tray on the inner nose cone.The 2 servos in the fuselage for the V tail can be standard size. In the front of the fuselage a large receiver battery pack can be fitted for long flight durations.

    This model is also available with a canopy type fuselage (XL E)instead of a sheath type.

    Blade XL STD £600

    Blade XL Texalio £672

    Blade XL Performance £743


    A basic accessory pack is included, as listed below. These are just some of the items shown in the instruction manual.

    1 x 10mm wing bar, 8 x M2 threaded metal rods, 6 x M2 clevis, 4 x aileron/flap M3 threaded bush, 4 x aileron/flap M3 threaded horn, 2 x 2MA threaded nylon uniball, 2 x 2MA threaded steel ball, 2 x M2 20mm long threaded bolts, 2 x carbon control rod, 2 x green MPX 6 pin female connectors, 2 x MPX 6 pin male connectors, 2 x glass fibre servo cover mouldings.

    Wing span: 2.57
    Fuselage length: 1.51
    Wing area: 46dmq
    Profile: RG15 modified( 7% thinned)
    Empty weight: 1.7kg
    flying weight from: 2.4kg
    Controls: R/E/A/F


    download instructions

    the build instructions are not up to date, especially the accessory listings