• Blade 2

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    The Blade 2 is designed to be either slope soarer or electric. It has a 2 piece wing for easier transportation and a 1 piece V tail.The accessory pack includes a motor mount to convert the model into electric.

    The fuselage has a removable canopy and is large enough to take a decent size outrunner motor and 3S to 4S liPo pack.

    My own Blade 2 has a Hacker B40-6-L 4.4/1 geared motor with a 70 amp ESC.
    The battery is a 3S liPo, 2300Mah, 25c, and a 12/8 folding cam prop.
    The all up weight is 1900 grams. The motor pulls 65amps on full power.
    It just needs a 10 sec blast on full throttle to give it a vertical ascent to become a small dot in the sky.

    An Alternative set up is:

    1 x folding cam PROP 12.5/6.5
    1 x GRP motor mount, D = 42mm for AXI2820
    1 x AXI 2826/10
    1 x 42mm spinner with cooling hole
    1 x center piece of 45mm, 5mm hole to HE Spinner
    A pulsed x Jeti Spin 55 BL controller with BEC

    The model is a delight to fly and handles very well with no bad vices. It can handle slow turns easily without dropping a wing.

    The energy retention needs to be seen to be believed as it glides around the sky!

    Blade 2 STD £440

    Blade 2 Texalio £457

    Blade 2 Performance £600


    Basic accessory pack included

    Parts supplied include:-

    1 x 8mm steel wing bar, 1 x motor mount, 2 x carbon control tubes, 8 x m2 steel threaded control rods, 6 x m2 steel clevises, 4 x MPX connectors, 4 x m3 brass bush, 4 x m3 brass screw,1 x steel threaded allen bolt, 2 x m2 threaded nylon cups, 2 x m2 steel threaded ball links, 2 x m2 steel bolts, 2 x servo covers.

    Span 1900 mm
    Length 1270 mm
    Weight 1100 g (empty)
    1450 g (flying, from)
    Wing Area 33 Dmq
    Profile RG15 mod
    Controls R/E/A/F/motor
    Lay up Fibreglass & carbon


    Building instructions for the Blade