• Alliaj HM

    From £1,450.00
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    A fully hollow moulded glider from Aeromod that everyone on the F3F competition circles is talking about,designed by jean-luc foucher.

    This model has proved to be a winner, it entered the Eurotour F3F and won, and entered the German Open F3F and came 2nd.

    The model has a 2 piece wing with the ailerons and flaps already hinged and the servo holes cut out. The wing joiner is made of a square carbon section that can take 2 preformed square ballast. The fuselage is made from carbon with a carbon front or a glass front (for 2.4ghz radios). It also has a ballast tube in the fuselage ready to fill with ballast. 2 options: You can go for 5 x slugs tubes made of iron (ready to be filled with lead)- 2 x Brass square sections ballast for the wing joiner (330 gr each)

    model versions are:-

    Hard core, heavy wing £1355 ( bags included)

    Ultra Light, light wing £1435 ( bags included)
    Check out this clip - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIfoF4_PMdA

    Optional extras vailable are:-

    5 x tubes made of iron(20mm diameter) (ready to be filled with lead) for ballast - £10
    2 x Brass square ballast sections(12x10mm) 33cm long for wing joiner (330gm each) - £30new 1 1 x slim fuselage £20

    1 x 2.4ghz freindly fuselage £0

    Colours available are:-

    White/Green, White/Orange, White/Blue, White/Purple, Yellow/Green, Yellow/Blue, Yellow/Orange, also "Nemo" colours available this is a choice of 3 colours.

    Span 3060 mm
    Length 1450 mm
    Weight 2400g
    (up to 4500g with ballast)
    Profile  secret
    Wing Area 60dm2
    Wing Loading 40g/dm2 - 75g/dm2
    Controls R/E/A/F
    Lay up




    Build instructions




    • C of G: 87-88 mm
    • Elevator: down 8 mm /up 8 mm
    • Ailerons: down 13 mm / up 23 mm
    • Flaps: (Aileron function) down 8 mm / up 13 mm
    • Snap-flaps: 7mm (with exponential to have about 2mm at half stick).
    • Flaps: (thermal position) between 4 mm and 7mm (4 axis flying)
    • Butterfly: elevator compensation down 3 mm