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  • Whisper Glider Whisper Performance

    From £295.00
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    This glider is one of our best sellers due to its forgiving nature and so is easy to fly. It's also a very good value 2 metre model with nothing to match it in its size. It will fly in the lightest of conditions and then with ballast added it can fly in strong winds very fast, yet remains very stable. It’s all round performance is second to none.

    It has a 2 piece wing with 4  servos. This glider has a  2 piece detachable tail which slots onto already fitted tubes through the fuselage.

    The fuselage has a sheath type nose cone and the inner sleeve has reccesses for the servos,
    These can be fitted with HS81 servos for the V tail 



    Build insructions


    Basic accessory pack included

    Span 2000 mm
    Weight 1200 g
    Profile SD7037
    Controls R/E/A (optional F)
    Lay up Glass fibre with carbon reinforcing