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HS-125mg slim wing servo HS-125mg slim wing servo Dual ball bearing, 4 metalgears, hi-torque Speed:0.17s & Torque:3.0Kg @ 4.8v. Weight:24g All thin aircraft wings. 24.00 Buy Now!!
HS-5125mg digital wing servo HS-5125mg digital wing servo 4 metal gears, dual ball bearing, high torque, Speed:0.17sec & Torque 3.0Kg @ 4.8v. Weight 24g All thin aircraft wings 30.00 Buy Now!!
HS-5245mg digtal mini servo HS-5245mg digtal mini servo dual ball bearing, metal horn, high troque. speed: 0.15sec & Torque: 4.4Kg @4.8v. weight: 32g Applications: planes & gliders 30.00 Buy Now!!
HS-55 feather servo HS-55 feather servo Speed: 0.17s & torque: 1.1Kg @ 4.8v. weight: 8g 10.00 Buy Now!!
HS-56HB feather/wing servo HS-56HB feather/wing servo ball bearing, karbonite gears, upright or flat mounting tabs. Spd:0.12 sec@4.8v. Tor:1.2@4.8v application:park flyers, high perforformance elec & gliders up to 2metres.size:23x12x24.weight:10.7g 16.00 Buy Now!!
HS-65mg  hi-torque feather servo HS-65mg hi-torque feather servo Metal gears with ball bearing, Neodym motor. Speed:0.12sec & Torque:1.8Kg @ 4.8v. Applications:park flyers,High perf electric models size:24x12x24.weight:12.6gm 20.00 Buy Now!!
HS-81 micro servo HS-81 micro servo Speed:0.11sec @ 4.8v. Torque:2.6Km @ 4.8v. weight:16.6g 13.00 Buy Now!!
HS-85mg mighty micro HS-85mg mighty micro Speed: 0.16sec @ 4.8v. Torque: 3.0Kg @ 4.8v weight:21.9g 18.00 Buy Now!!
MPX  Slim Star FL digi (red) MPX Slim Star FL digi (red) metal gearbox, 2 ball bearings, Speed: 0.10s & torque: 29Ncm @ 4.8v. weight: 23g Application: all aircraft wings. Mounting included 40.00 Buy Now!!