X-Models X-Wing Sygma 1.5 Performance Glider

The X-Models X-wing Sygma is a new addition to the X-model range but is proving to be the best flying wing ever, it looks down on all its rivals.

Its surprisingly easy to fly and not twitchy like most flying wings as it is constructed with lots of washout.

The kit comprises of 2 piece wing, a pod and 2 wing lets. The wing is made of glassfibre and balsa with a reinforced carbon spar construction

The servo compartments are pre-cut into the underneath of the wing. The receiver and battery fit into the pod. A very small amount of lead is needed for balance.

The 2 servos we recommend are HS55 as these are very small and light.

X-Models X-Wing 1.5 Performance

X-Models X-Wing 1.5 Performance Glider
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Span 1500 mm
Weight 0.7Kg
Flying Weight from 0.9Kg
Profile SD 7037 evolving to SD 8020 mod
Wing Area 30 dmq
Controls E/A (with delta mixing)
Lay up Carbon
Price 210.00
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Basic accessory pack included