X-Models XCalibur RC Glider

This is a scale looking glider but with high efficiency. It also has large ailerons and flaps to enable you to perform all the aerobatics you like and to take advantage of the changing the wing camber for thermal, speed and cruise.

It has 2 piece wing and an all moving elevator.

To convert the model for electric flight a good option is the Axi outrunner gear boxed motor 2820/08+PG4/33, this is coupled to a Jeti Spin 55 speed controller.

The battery used to power the model is a LiPo 4s 3700mAh 45C. The prop is a folding cam prop 18.5x12 mounted on a 40mm spinner

The overall weight is 3.56 kg including added lead to balance the model.

The model has bags of power for vertical climbs and is easy to launch by hand on ¼ power.

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X-Models XCalibur Pictures

xcalibur rc glider xcalibur rc gliderxcalibur rc glider xcalibur rc glider

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Span 3200 mm
Weight 2400 g
Profile RG15 mod.
Controls R/E/A/F
Lay up Glass with Carbon reinforcement
Glider 550.00 (Glass)
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Building Instructions/Operating Manual

Note - These instructions are slightly out of date, we are awaiting an update.


Basic accessory pack included