X-Models Whisper Performance Glider

This is the PERFORMANCE version of the famous X-Model. The Performance range has greater resistance to heavy flight loads than the standard model, thanks to a specially constructe. All the performance range are supplied with a CD containing instructions.

Born for competitions, the upgraded design gives you the edge in everyday usage too.
The X-Models PERFORMANCE range is the pinnacle of development & building technology within the X-Models line -up.

Available as a 2 or 4 servo wing, glass or carbon layup.

X-Models Whisper Performance

X-Models Whisper Performance Glider X-Models Whisper Performance Glider
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X-Models Whisper Performance, White/Green

X-Models Whisper Performance Full Carbon
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Span 2000 mm
Weight 1200 g
Profile SD7037
Controls R/E/A (optional F)
Lay up Carbon
Price 295.00 4 Servo Carbon
Buy Now! 4 Servo Carbon

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Building Instructions/Operating Manual
(pdf. Updated on 24/08/2010, these are in Italian)


Basic accessory pack included