X-Models Sword 2.5 M Performance Glider

This is the PERFORMANCE version of the famous X-Model. The Performance range has greater resistance to heavy flight loads than the standard model, thanks to a specially constructed D-box and one-piece wing designed by the X-Models development team. All the performance range are supplied with a CD containing instructions.

Born for competitions, the upgraded design gives you the edge in everyday usage too.
The X-Models PERFORMANCE range is the pinnacle of development & building technology within the X-Models line -up.

Using the same wing as the Blade XXL and Blade XL with a re-designed fuselage, cruciform tail and all moving elevator the X-Models Sword is a very capable plane.

This model is easily adapted for conversion to electric. The fuselage is big enough to accommodate a brushless motor and the flight pack by leaving out the 2 ballast tubes in the fuselage. The recommended motors are Cyclon 18 geared or the Hacker B50 9L geared 6.7:1. The motors needed must be at least 300W and a diameter of no more than 40mm.

Available in 3.1m and 2.5m versions either glass or cabon.

X-Models Sword 2.5 Pictures

X-Models Sword 2.5 M Performance Glider X-Models Sword 2.5 M Performance Glider

X-Models Sword 2.5 M Performance Glider

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Span 2500 mm
Weight Empty - 2kg
Flying - from 2.6kg
Profile RG15 mod
Controls R/E/A/F
Lay up Carbon
Price 550.00 Carbon
  Buy Now!! (Carbon)

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