Sword 1.9 E

This is the latest model from X-models, A 1.9 metre wingspan, cross tail model with an all moving stabiliser. The wing is a one piece RG15 mod. with flaps and ailerons which are already attached.

The fuselage is made to be either a glider or it can take an electric motor and be a very fast and great aerobatic electric glider. It has a removable canopy which is already attached which has enough room for a 4s lipo battery.

The electric glider can take a Hacker B50-9s, 6.7:1 gearboxed, using a Hacker speed controller 125-0-FSF and a cam prop 16x16. The battery is a 2200 4s 30c.

Sword 1.9e - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdSI6yKayRU&NR=1
Sword 1.9 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yvJP6m98C_o


Sword 1.9 E

Sword 1.9E - Electric Conversion Glider Sword 1.9E BSword 1.9E

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Span 1900 mm
Length 1340 mm
Weight Empty weight 1kg
Flying weight 1.9kg
Wind Area  
Profile RG15 mod
Controls A/F/R/E
Lay up glass fibre with carbon fibre strengthening
Price 295.00
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