Gliders - Sport <2m (under 2 metre wingspan)

Smaller gliders ranging from beginners models to exceedingly strong airframes suitable for dynamic soaring.

Blade 1.9

The X-Models Blade 1.9 metre is an outstanding high performance glider, very underestimated. Its light enough for light to moderate winds and strong enough for dynamic soaring (if you've got the nerve).


The formula one of the model world and winner of many competitions.This model can fly in very light wind conditions.

Prodij HM

The Prodij HM now in hollow moulded form.


This popular glider is one of our best sellers due to its forgiving nature and ease to fly.

X-Wing Sygma

The X-model X-wing Sygma is proving to be the best flying wing compared with all the foamy versions out on the slopes. Itís also easily adapted for electric.