Gliders - Sport >2m (over 2 metre wingspan)

Larger gliders with usually greater performance than the smaller airframes.

Aldij F3F

This is a dedicated slope soaring and F3F competition Glider.

Alliaj HM

The new model on the block from Aeromod that everyone on the F3F competition circles is talking about, This model has proved to be a winner.

Blade XL

The X-Models Blade XL 2.5 metre has an outstanding speed and performance

Miraj F3F

Winner of many F3F competitions and very fast. This model was once a world record holder in F3F!

Sword 2.5

Using the same wing as the Blade XXL and Blade XL with a re-designed fuselage, cruciform tail and all moving elevator the X-Models Sword is a very capable plane.


The Voltij is the perfect 3D aerobatic flying machine, this glider is is very efficient, and stunning airbourne.