Gliders - Scale

Derived from full size planes these have a natural beauty in the air, just watch out if you are flying a ridge which is refquented by full size as you may get confused as to which one you are flying!

X-Models Swift

2.5 metre fully aerobatic scale glider.

Glasflugel H301 Libelle (Dragonfly)

Fully moulded 1:6 scale glider with optional retractable landing gear. This is a very high quality all glass model.

Mitsubishi AGM Zero Scale Glider

1:12 scale Fully moulded high quality model available in 2 colours: silver or green/blue. 1 piece wing and stabiliser and glass fibre nose cone.

Baudis Salto H-101 - 4 Metre Glider

At a collosal 4m wingspan, the Baudis Salto is a sight to behold, expect to dive for cover!

X-Models Ventus 2c

4500mm scale beauty.