Prodij Luxe RC Glider

The formula one of the model world and winner of many competitions.This model can fly in very light wind conditions.

A very strong 1 or 2 piece wing made of high density polystyrene covered with glass fibre/carbon. Ailerons ready cut.

Fuselage made of carbon and comes with an optional ballast tube that can carry 600g of ballast.

V-tail made of balsa sheets reinforced with glass fibre. Spare parts easily available. Recommend HS 85mg for the wing and Naro BB for the tail

Please note that we only supply the Luxe version which has the ailerons already cut, and attached. V tail finished and glassed for £15 extra as in photos.

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Prodij Pictures

Prodij Luxe RC GliderProdij Luxe RC Glider Prodij Luxe RC Glider Prodij Luxe RC GliderProdij Luxe RC Glider
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Span 1520 mm
Weight 670 g
Profile MG06
Wing Area 20dm2
Length 830mm
Controls R/E/A
Lay up Glass fuz. Glass covered high density foam wing.
Price 370.00
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