Gliders - Our Ranges

We provide a huge range of Radio Controlled Gliders for vitually every style of flight or competitive disipline and for any ability from beginner to experienced competition pilot.

X-Models Range

X-Models produce a wide range of very interesting models that are tough and good value for money whilst retaining excellent flying characteristics.

X-Models Performance

Recently introduced the X-Models Performance range brings increased durability to a select few models in the range for applications such as dynamic soaring.

Sport <2m (under 2m wingspan)

Smaller gliders ranging from beginners models to exceedingly strong airframes suitable for dynamic soaring.

Sport >2m (over 2m wingspan)

Larger gliders with usually greater performance than the smaller airframes.


Our range of electric planes which are suitable for a variety of uses ranging from F5D through to flat field soaring just using the motor to gain height.


Derived from full size planes these have a natural beauty in the air, just watch out if you are flying a ridge which is frequented by full size as you may get confused as to which one you are flying!

DLG/HLG (Discus Launch Gliders)

DLG (discus launch gliders) are a relatively new class of glider that can be used from a flat field without the need for a bungee, the glider is launcher rather like a discus with the aim of staying afloat as long as possible and if your lucky (or skilled enough) catching a nice thermal. These planes are exceedingly light.