X-Models Blade XXL - Super Blade

The glass version of the X-Models Super Blade has carbon toes for strengthening in the fuselage and wings. This is a very strong model but quite a bit lighter than the full carbon version as shown in the photos.

The sheath type nose of the fuselage accepts 2 standard type servos for the V tail controls. Servos such as HS125 or equivalent are best for the ailerons and flaps, the maximum thickness should be 13mm. A large battery such as a 4 cell flat SC pack can also be fitted for long flight times.

The RG15 modified wing profile offers the best performance in a wide speed range and is very efficient. A 10mm steel wing bar joins the wings on to the fuselage. A ballast tube is fitted in the fuselage that can take up to 900g of ballast.

The standard colour options for the glass model are yellow/blue or yellow/red.

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Blade XXL Pictures

X-Models Blade XXL Glider X-Models Blade XXL Glider click any image for a larger version


Span 3150 mm
Weight Empty - 2.1kg
Flying - from 2.8kg
Profile RG15 mod
Controls R/E/A/F
Lay up Glass/Carbon
Price 550.00 Glass
590.00 Texalio
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