X-Models Blade XL Performance Glider

This is the PERFORMANCE version of the famous X-Model. The Performance range has greater resistance to heavy flight loads than the standard model, thanks to a specially constructed D-box and one-piece wing designed by the X-Models development team. All the performance range are supplied with a CD containing instructions.

Born for competitions, the upgraded design gives you the edge in everyday usage too.
The X-Models PERFORMANCE range is the pinnacle of development & building technology within the X-Models line -up.

The X-Models Blade XL 2.5 metre has an outstanding speed and performance, ideal for F3F competitions.

Everyone who has flown it has been astounded by ability to fly slow in light winds or scream at high speeds around the sky. This model has the same aerofoil as the Blade 1.9 but is larger and stiffer and comes in 2 pieces to aid transportation up to the slope. we recommend HS125 mg servo's for the ailerons and flaps.

The V tail is made of 2 pieces and is detachable, this is made of glassfibre and balsa and we recommend HS85mg for operation.

The fuselage comes with a pre attached removable canopy which gives access to the servos, battery etc,.  The new fuselage design  allows the easy conversion to electric if required, as the motor mount comes as part of the accessory pack.

Now available an all carbon version for extra strength and stiffness.

"Well after a busy year with little flying I have today managed to fly my new Blade XL purchased sometime in the early spring!.

What an absolute animal....... incredible speed, handling and a real dream to fly. The performance is out of this world with a scream to frighten the hardiest of buzzards!!.

This is the begining of a new partnership with moulded models.... Thank you"
Steve Bowles

X-Models Blade XL Performance Pictures

X-Models Blade XL Performance Glider X-Models Blade XL Performance Glider


Span 2500 mm
Weight 2200 g
Profile RG15 mod
Controls R/E/A/F
Lay up Carbon
with Carbon Spar
Price 550.00 Carbon
  Buy Now!! (Carbon

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Basic accessory pack included