X-Models Blade 1.9 DS Glider

The X-Models Blade 1.9 metre is an outstanding high performance glider, very underestimated. Its light enough for light to moderate winds and strong enough for dynamic soaring (if you've got the nerve).

This glider can be very fast and will satisfy the needs of any expert flyer. It comes with a well specified accessory kit and instruction booklet.

The one piece wing is made of glassfibre and balsa, with a carbon spar construction and carbon reinforced trailing edge. It has the servo wells for the ailerons and flaps already sculptured into the wing.

The tail is a one piece glassfibre balsa V reinforced with carbon and screws onto the fuselage. It is operated using carbon fibre push rods and ball links which are included with the kit.

The fuselage is glassfibre reinforced with carbon and is very strong. It has a removable nose cone which gives access to the already cut out servo mounting and receiver compartment.

Also available is the silver or “Texalio” version. Both models come with a 15 x 150mm ballast tube fitted in the fuselage, which can take up to 300gms of ballast.

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X-Models Blade 1.9 DS Pictures

1.9m Blade Glass
X-Models Blade 1.9m RC Glider blade 1.9

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Span 1900 mm
Weight 1350 g
Profile RG15 mod (7.8%)
Controls R/E/A/F
Lay up Glass, Carbon Spar in wing
Price 330.00 Glass
350.00 Texalio
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